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The Co-Governance Board of WSC-NPow is at present reviewing its Communication Policy and is seeking feedback from whanau on the proposed new policy, which can be viewed here.  If you would like to comment please submit using this form before Monday 4th June.  The Policy Committee found the whanau feedback it received in previous policy consultations extremely useful in deciding how to proceed.  Even if your specific feedback does not appear to alter the particular policy you have commented on, it often influences and shapes the procedures attached to the policy (that is how it is implemented) as well as other related policies as they come up for consideration in our review cycle.
The Policy Committee is made up of Trustees Belinda Drake, Richard Green, Carol Gunn, Linda Pirrit, Tracey Watkinson, and Melanie Webber, with Joshua Doubtfire as a student representative and Paul Alford as an SLT representative.
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