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At the Auckland Relay Champs, the Junior Girls (Juliet Frater, Andy Heathcote, and Hattie Walker) came a well deserved second, beaten by St Cuthberts, but holding off a resurgent Diocesan. The Intermediate Girls (Sylvie Frater, Anna Cory-Wright, and Nina Quinn), came a creditable fourth.
The North Island Champs in Levin were great fun, with lots (and lots) of socialising with the more than 300 students from all over the North Island, plus a few from the South Island too. Western Springs did well – winning the hotly contested school lip-syncing competition with a heart-felt rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody. We did not do too badly at the orienteering either. The Sprint event was held in the picturesque grounds of Kapiti College, with Juliet Frater 5th and Andy Heathcote 10th in the Junior Girls’ Sprint, and Sylvie Frater 8th and Anna Cory-Wright 15th in the Intermediate Girls’ Sprint.
The Long Event was held the next day on a tricky course through a combination of coastal sand-dune pine forest, and blackberry covered farmland. Hattie Walker was 8th in Junior Girls Standard, Juliet Frater 3rd and Andy Heathcote 6th in Junior Girls Championship, Anna Cory-Wright 12th in Intermediate Girls Championship, George Wright 10th in Intermediate Boys Standard, and Skylah Chapman-Peters 5th in Senior Girls Standard.
Rounding out three days of competition, the schools relay was a nail-biting affair. The Junior Girls (Juliet, Andy, and Hattie) held off all competition except St Cuthberts to come an impressive 2nd place. Sylvie and Anna ran with Skylar in the Senior Girls’ Grade over a rugged and exhausting course, and placed 8th.
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