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International Office and international student groups have received outstanding support from the International Student Leaders since the beginning of the year. Well done, Logan, Cathy, Mikayla and Alice, and thank you for your service to international students and the school community.

Our fantastic International Student Leaders: from left Cathy, Logan, Mikayla and Alice


International Student trip to Rock Climbing and Movie with International Student Leaders during July school holidays

30 new international students have settled for the term. They have been kept busy and enjoying their first weeks at Western Springs College, from the orientation programmes to the first weekend wind-surfing, the first after-school sports activity, the first pizza party and the amazing school annual Pofiafia Night festival. A big applaud and congratulation to Claudia Pan and Bismarc Zhou who performed and represented the international student group at the Pofiafia night.


Wind surfing on Saturday                Pizza party before Pofiafia Night Festival


   Claudia played Chinese traditional instrument Guzheng and Bismarc performed Tai Chi at Pofiafia Night festival

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