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Let’s start this month with the power cut at the beginning of last week!  I believe Western Springs College and the Zoo both made midday news on TV1 as a result of this interruption to normal services.  The reason I am mentioning this is because it gave us a really good test with regard to notification of our community, at short notice – really short notice!

The feedback that I have received has been very positive – “The app is a fantastic way to communicate.”  “All students should have it.”  “Great communication from the school this morning.”  Note the feature piece on the app is repeated again in this Newsletter with simple steps to load it on to your phone if you have not already done so.

I’m sure you are noticing the re-build really accelerating now.  Pop into the school to have a look through the fences or to browse the display in the Hall foyer.  We were pleased with the turnout at the information evening on Wednesday in the school library and again the feedback coming in by email has been extremely positive.

“The thought and planning that has gone into this transformational project is outstanding.”

“Flexibility offers a variety of learning and teaching styles whereas single cell doesn’t in its inherently restrictive nature.”

“I am confident that this will be an inspirational learning environment for teachers and students alike.”

“Many, many parents excited by the changes happening at Western Springs College.”

“I congratulate you all on sticking to a forward thinking, research based proposal and I look forward to being part of it with my children.”

I’m really excited about the new buildings and can’t wait for the students and teachers to begin using them.”

“The modern learning concept is brave and I’m sure will prepare our children for the modern working environment.”

“I truly believe that a modern learning environment will suit so many more students than a single cell classroom configuration ever has or ever will.”

“We feel privileged to part of the future WSC.”

“Thanks for your enthusiastic leadership of the school.”

“Thank you for engaging us in the direction and steps in creating what I am confident will be an inspirational learning environment for teachers and students alike.”

Check out the link to the powerpoint presentation if you were unable to attend the Wednesday evening information evening and look on our website from the middle of next week for new information from the MOE and Mark Osbourne from Leading Learning.

Ivan Davis
August 2018

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