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2018 has been a challenging and exciting year for the Technology Department with the demolition of F Block and the relocation of Soft Materials, Hard Materials, Digital Tech and DVC to temporary classrooms in Term 3. Our students proved to be highly adaptable and we have seen some fantastic work from them as a result.

Hard Materials

This year our Year 11 Hard Tech students produced some very slick skateboards as part of their prototyping project, pushing the board design and graphics to the limits. Combining both traditional press forming techniques in the workshops and laser cutting, each student produced a board unique to their end user’s needs and intended environment. The three winning entries to the board competition are photographed below.

Yr11 Board Competition Winners top to bottom: Lili Cave, Angus Kirkman, Felix Clark


The Yr13 Hard Technology class had an open design brief to create and prototype a product of their choice utilising any of the facilities the department has to offer. Some very creative projects arose with students using resin and concrete casting, welding, laser cutting, 3D printing and traditional workshop based skills to create bluetooth speakers and furniture.




Food Technology

We have had another great year in the vibrant food tech department. Year 12 spent their time diving deeper in the life skill that is nutrition. They had the opportunity to interview Joseph Parker and identify the challenges and needs that a professional athlete would face when making food decisions.

The year 11 students got the pleasure of visiting Orbit Restaurant at Sky City to engage in some fine high-tea dining, only to come back to school and plan and implement their own high tea for their chosen stakeholders. It was a fantastic event full of delicious treats. All students gained their health and safety certificates, ensuring they are all confident to prepare and produce safe food.   

Year 10 received their license to cook awards and spend some time learning about sustainable foods. They used their knowledge to design and make a sustainable breakfast dish. It was lovely to see such a range of dishes being chosen. The food tech room is a great space to see all our different cultures come to light through cuisine. We had Spanish churros, Pad Thai, American Pancakes, Mexican breakfast burritos, kiwi corn fritters, french crepes, polynesia coconut bowls to mention just a few.



Design and Visual Communication

After a busy and successful year of designing, senior students turned their attention to presenting their final design projects with some beautiful and effective results. The projects ranged from product designs like moka pots and craft knives through to spatial designs like bus shelters, building facades and pavilions. Here is some of the outstanding work from these projects.


Michael Madden-Smith 11TVC                              Vincent Canning 13TVC

Digital Technology

This year Year 10 Digital Technology students got creative with 3D printing. They  produced personalised speakers as part of their 3D printing project. They designed their speaker casing digitally and attached the components for a working bluetooth speaker.


Dusung Jeung and Ben Mason-Brown         Yr 12 Robotics Project


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