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Before NCEA exams started, the International Department held a Leavers Dinner for our Year 13 students at a local restaurant to celebrate their effort and achievement at Western Springs College.   We also remember all those international students who attended Western Springs College in 2018 during the year and we wish them all the best.




Although it was very sad to say good-bye to our leavers, we also found November to be very exciting with our Year 9 students enjoying school camp and Term 3 new students enjoying their special programmes.  Our Term 3 Asian students have been doing a special academic programme which consists of intensive Maths and English classes and trips to Devonport, MOTAT and a bamboo farm in West Auckland.  Our Term 3 European and South American students took part in another special programme, which included English Workshops, a 3 day Bay of Islands trip, Rangitoto Island, a craft & pottery workshop and a Pasadena Intermediate School visit, to name just a few.  These special programmes are wonderful ways of ending the year to develop students’ academic and personal skills and enrich students’ cultural experiences.

Reflection from Lea and Annika:

At the end of the Programme this November we had so many exciting and adventurous days, so it is hard to just pick the three best ones…

In the Bay of Islands we got the chance to go on a dolphin tour- which was incredible.

Our second best day was Rangitoto island. We both totally fell in love with this place. It is crazy that Rangitoto used to be an active volcano or maybe still is. You forget how exhausted and tired your legs are while hiking up to the top of the volcano just because the nature is so incredibly beautiful.

We loved spending time at the Pasadena intermediate school. All the kids were super lovely and interested in our culture. Some of the kids are attending WSC next year so we are pretty sure we will see them again.

What we have learned unexpectedly:

  • Making pizza
  • Plate painting
  • Designing postcards

Reflection from Rosalba:

I really enjoyed my day at Pasadena Intermediate School. I got an opportunity to spend time with young NZ people. I reconnected with my child self and shared with young students what I did when I was younger. Members at the Pasadena Intermediate school we met around are open minded and welcoming people.

Reflection from Chiara:

We were given chances and training for a lot of water sports. Through the on-going special extra curricula programmes offered we enjoyed and are confident to do surfing, windsurfing, kayaking and snorkeling.

There is a life lesson reinforced through this NZ journey: Have big dreams and fulfill them

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