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Level 2 Science

Level 2 Science students are learning about adaptations of organisms that help them survive in extreme environments. As part of learning about these adaptations, we visited the zoo recently to observe some animals. Students said that they particularly enjoyed focusing on just three animals, because then they got to learn more about them rather than seeing heaps of animals and learning a few things. A highlight of the trip was not just looking but also touching specimens like elephant’s tooth, toenail, skin and so on, to find out what adaptations they’ve got. Elephants can communicate with other elephants 5km away, through the ground!!

Level 2 Biology

The level 2 Biology students visited Goat Island recently to observe the ecological pattern of zonation on the rocky shore. Highlights included meeting sea slugs, identifying & observing different organisms in their natural habitat, working with friends to collect data and swimming. We were very proud of the commitment our students showed to collecting accurate data.

Ice cream containers wanted

Level 3 Biology students have begun their extended practical investigation. We need ice cream containers to help them transport seeds home. If you have any to donate, please bring them to the box at the school office.


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