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Drama students are very busy directing and rehearsing 5 and 15 minute extracts from Shakespearean plays in preparation for the annual Auckland West – Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival in April which will be held at Kristin School. I’d like to take this opportunity to encourage anyone still interested in participating to come along to a lunchtime meeting next Tuesday in Y5 as there is still time to get involved.

We’d also like to encourage students to participate in Arts activities that are getting going in classes, with EOTC/ trips and about campus with activities such as Drama Club! A welcoming message to Drama enthusiasts to get along to Drama Club which features on Thursday lunchtimes in TAPAC Studio 4 with Queenie Samuel, Jacob Hussey and other senior students. Theatresports games, scene acting and other fun drama games are on the agenda and all levels are welcome.

Arts Leaders Welcome!

Introducing this year’s Arts Leaders – Amy Morrin, Niamh Maher and Sienna Davidson.

A highlight recently has been seeing these students involved in the school leaders’ initiative Orientation Week.

Pictured: Amy Morrin, Niamh Maher and Sienna Davidson | Y13

Photo credit: Amy Morrin | Y13


Amy Morrin: I am very passionate about the Arts, Drama and Media in particular. I’ve taken both these subjects throughout my time at ‘Springs’. I’m excited to put together some fun activities together involving the arts, so keep an eye out!

Niamh Maher: I’m one of your friendly Arts Leaders. I enjoy senior Art Painting and Drama. We’ve got a fantastic set up at ‘Springs’ with awesome teachers and resources. We’re here to promote activity in the Arts and encourage you to participate giving new things a go. Don’t be afraid to say hello if you have any cool ideas.

Sienna Davidson: Hi, I’m Sienna and one of the 2019 Arts Leaders. I am really excited to be helping with events and activities in the Arts. With our transition into the new school I think there’s a really great opportunity for growth and expression in the Arts. I am a Media and Drama student but I also make music and paint in my own time so the Arts are a major passion for me. We have lots of ideas and plans and can’t wait to see what the rest of the school and faculty has to contribute!

Thanks to Amelia Cohen-Smith – 2019 13Art Design – for the ArtsNews heading in this issue.          Kirsty Britton – Arts Coordinator

Drama News

There is a flurry of activity around The Shakespeare’s Globe, Centre, New Zealand Regional Festival. Our students are filling up their lunchtimes and after school hours rehearsing. The Auckland West event is in the Dove Memorial Theatre, Kristin School, 360 Albany Highway, on Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd April. Everyone is welcome so please come and support our young performers.  We have scenes from Titus Andronicus, Twelfth NightRichard III and Two Gentlemen of Verona to name but a few.

The year 13 students continue rehearsing for the production, Remote by Stef Smith, which they will perform for the public in weeks one and two of term two. The year 12 students complete their New Zealand Theatre assessment in week eight, while the year 11 students complete their Shakespeare and Elizabethan Theatre assessment in the same week.

We also have trips to The Dreamer at the Civic as part of The Auckland Arts Festival in week eight and to Astroman by Albert Belz at Q Theatre, in week nine. 

Robert Pollock – HOD Drama

Top Art!

Extended Greetings

At the time of writing it is week seven on the calendar and the senior students already have a number of formative assessments approaching that will form the basis of their upcoming reports.

The level of industry is also mirrored in the junior programmes where the Y9 and Y10s are working hard to complete their paintings before the end of term. This term we are looking forward to welcoming back ex-student Pearl Beesley, who will be spending time with this year’s Scholarship students to discuss process and media in Art Painting and Art Design. Pearl will also be providing a blurb about the library commission work that will feature in the next newsletter.

We are fortunate to have another returning visitor to the school in the same week; avant garde artiste Judy Darragh who will be talking about her methods and ideas to the Year 13 students. There are also a couple of EOTC opportunities later in the year that will see the senior students extended conceptually and technically.

We’d like to acknowledge the success of our Alumni and recent 2018 graduates Vincent Canning (13 Photography) and Lulu Nicolson (13Art Design). Vinnie recently received the ARA Masonic Lodge Award ($1250 towards 2019 tertiary study in the Visual Arts) on Friday 15th February, pictured below, as well as being awarded an Outstanding Scholarship in Photography for his efforts last year. Lulu’s Art Design portfolio, pictured below, has been selected to travel in this year’s NZQA Top Art Exhibition around the country as well being showcased in the NZQA Top Art online exhibition of student work. Lulu also recently received a 2018 Scholarship in Art Design for her Illustrated Product. This is a wonderful achievement, congratulations on your success.

Lastly, thank you to all those who have paid Art fees for the year>  Our ability to provide the appropriate technical and specialised resources for the year is dependent on your continued support. Any outstanding fees for Art and Art History (Y10-13) can be made at the school office, thanks in advance and looking ahead to our transition into the new school and would like to take this time to remind Art students past and present to collect junior/senior artwork and folios.

Ia Manuia                                                 Lily Laita – HOD Art


Vincent Canning – 2018 Masonic Lodge Award Recipient

Lulu Nicholson with her 2018 NZQA Top Art Portfolio

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