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Term 2 – where does the year go? – so far the winter has not fully arrived – we have minimal colds and chest infections.  We all need to keep ourselves and others well – remember a cold last 7 days with or without treatment – antibiotics when required – usually  for pneumonia and strep throats.  Cold medicines, panadol, lozengers and nasal sprays make you feel better while your body fights the cold.

Don’t forget the flu vaccination – free for some people and advisable for others – is not effective for 2/52 post vaccination so do it now.

General Rules:

  1. Diarhoea or Vomiting symptoms – student to stay home till 24hrs free of symptoms

     2) Temperatures over 37.5 C-  student to stay home till temperature is normal = 37 C

Remember the Nurse and Physio are here 5 days a week during school hours

ACC treatments are free

Good Health

Nurse Chris



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