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School Closures:


  • Wednesday May 29th – National Strike of Primary and Secondary Teachers.
  • Tuesday June 4th –  Teacher Only Day (this is the day after Queen’s Birthday)


Please note these two days in your diaries.  I will be unable to keep the school open on the National Strike day and will be unable to offer any supervision for children.  Please plan accordingly.

The Teacher Only Day has been granted by the Board of Trustees to provide some time for staff to attend to the business of culling materials accumulated over many years of occupation of the old school and packing up equipment prior to the transfer to the new school.  Numerous schools have indicated their intention to extend the Queen’s Birthday weekend, and we do have pressing commitments around the shift to the new school. I thank you for your understanding.

School Ball:

To be held this year on Saturday June 15th at Eden Park with the theme of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.  

Springs/Waiorea Balls are always wonderful occasions and both students and staff are in eager anticipation of this year’s event.  I know our students are well familiar with the behavioural requirements around such an event – especially in relation to school rules applying as it is a school event.

It has been many years now since a student has been denied entry to the Ball because of intoxication or other impairment.  Again, I emphasise that a decision on entry or exclusion rests solely with the venue and their security staff. Their licence is placed in jeopardy if they are caught in breach of the regulations.  They take their jobs seriously and are dealing with these sort of social situations all the time. Be warned!

The ball will conclude at 11.30 pm and I urge parents to take advantage of the ample carparking/arrival space to pick up their children at this time.


There is no place for vaping in a high school environment – bottom line!!!

Springs/Waiorea is a smokefree environment and our Board Drug Free policy has been ammended to include vaping.

This is another challenge thrown up in the day to day running of a modern urban high school.

We don’t need any more challenges, we don’t want vaping in the school environment. Enough said?

Our New School:

We are accelerating towards our move into the new school during the Term 2 school holidays.  Remember that these holidays have been extended out to three weeks for our students. The first day of Term 3 for Springs students is Monday July 29th, and we will have more details regarding how that first day will be managed as we get closer to that date.


Ivan Davis


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