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At Western Springs College, we embrace and celebrate our cultural diversities and each student’s uniqueness.  At the International Student Assembly on 22 June, four of our international students delivered their speeches about “ME & US”  –  our Term 2 Theme.  Here are the extracts of the speeches.

by David Breza from Austria

My name is David Breza, I am 15 years old.  I would describe myself as a self-confident, open minded, happy and proud boy.  Climate change, plastic and poverty are very current topics in the year 2019.  But what can I myself do to change the world.  I have to change my own life before I try to change the life of others.  I have to try to not buy plastic.  I have to try to not produce CO2 or at least less.

Currently we produce so much plastic that we could build five bridges to the moon, each year and if we continue producing plastic there will be more plastic in the sea than fish in the near future, to be exact in the year 2050.

Every day I ask myself if I should make a radical change in my life, if I should stop buying plastic at all, but at the moment that’s not even possible because almost everything is packed, wrapped in, or made out of plastic.

Sometimes you have to go back before you can continue your journey.A few 100 years ago before plastic was invented it was no problem.  That’s what I want to say, we should not think about the future all the time sometimes we already had a solution, in the past


by Andy Sun from China

I’m Andy,  an international student from China.  I started my study here in September last year.  Time flies, in a twinkle, nine months past. I have met a lot of friends who are from all over the world and spent meaningful school days with my lovely classmates and teachers. We have taken enjoyable trips during nice holidays and also said farewell to some nice friends.

What impressed me most is that I have really changed a lot, have become more mature and confident and have got a wider and broader sight.   People and things around me made me have a better understanding of this world which is full of kindness and love, though it does not satisfy you sometimes. I really want to thank my friends who help me, support me a lot to go through the hard times and my teachers who use their patience and kindness to give me advice and knowledge. I can’t leave you guys because we are already one and affect and improve each other, like families.

by Calla Latz from Germany

My name is Calla, I am 16 years old and from the south of Germany.  In my opinion the aim of studying abroad is to definitely learn another language, explore a different culture, meet new people, or maybe even start from a new beginning, but also, subconsciously to get to know yourself better.  My time in New Zealand is almost over and I know I am not the only one who has to leave this fascinating country. I want to stay longer and time is running out!

When I decided to study abroad, I simply wanted to improve my English skills and have a little time out before my last years of school! I never expected to find the second home, to feel so welcomed at the other side of the world and to see so many fascinating and breath-taking places as here in New Zealand.

One day, when I will look back to my experience as an international student, I want to remember all the good times I have and all of the things that make me happy here, even though I am away from my family and friends at home.  Hopefully you know how lucky you are to even have the opportunity of making an exchange and I want that you enjoy and value the precious time you have here!


by Jason Vu from Vietnam

My name is Jason. I’m a Vietnamese student at Western Springs College, and I have been studying here since last July.  Now I’m at Year 12 and love studying here so much, even though sometimes it’s a bit boring and extremely hard for me to finish the work.  On the other hand, teachers just want us to improve ourselves to pass the challenge.  As now I can improve my critical thinking and my writing skills, thanks to those reports I need to write.  At school, I like Visual Communication the most.  It’s not just because I’m good at this subject, but also my teacher gives me so much chance to learn new things and improve myself.  Studying here, I can meet lots of new friends from Vietnam, China, Iraq to Japan.  People are very kind to me and support me a lot.

Not just education, New Zealand is also known as the most beautiful country in the world.  You can see New Zealand is a perfect mixture between nature and buildings.  Architecture is different in areas, from the traditional one from England to the modern one.  Usually, I spend about one hour to one hour and a half to discover these New Zealand’s pride.  I travelled to many places in Auckland and enjoyed a lot.  I met so many Kiwi people and knew more about New Zealand’s culture and the views, and I love them.  If you have time, I hope you get those enjoyable things as I do.  New Zealand is a marvellous place to enjoy and study, especially architecture.

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