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We currently have a fantastic display of work produced by some of the year 9 students. With the English department shaking up their list of generic text response activities this year, many students chose to produce something 3 dimensional. These dioramas and displays are stunning and feature Percy Jackson’s world of mythology and the Gryffindor meeting hall from Hogwarts, to name just a couple. There are also quite a few sets of Trump cards based on characters and settings from a favourite book they have recently read.

The librarians have been delighted to see the high level of interest that this fresh take on junior text response has had on other students in the library.  


Auckland Writers Festival

Bella Ashby was one many Springs students to attend the Festival last month. She was very excited to be meeting with Australian author, Markus Zusak,  best known for the ‘Book Thief’. Bella is proudly holding a signed copy of ‘Bridge of Clay’ which is now part of our collection. This highly anticipated book, ten years in the making, has been described by the Wall Street Journal as…’Devastating, demanding and deeply moving’ Thanks to Bella for offering to meet with the author.  She is not only an avid reader but also one our dedicated Library Monitors.

Sharda Patel
Library Manager

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