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Thanks so much to the 50 or so people who made it along on Thursday evening – what an excellent presentation it was.  

It’s not too late to donate towards the costs, please consider doing so! The PAG account is 12-3022-0377515-000

As promised on the night, Jo from The Light Project has sent through the PDF link to her presentation, which is here.  Obviously it’s not quite the same without her talking to everything, but it’s certainly very helpful, beginning with all the stats and working its way through to conversation starters and links to more help.  The link to The Light Project’s website with ideas on Talking With Teens is here and you can explore their website from there.

There is also a very useful article in The Spinoff: “Parents Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed to Talk to Their Kids About Porn” here

Jo mentioned that The Light Project has been in to talk to the Year 12s at Springs both last year and this year.  Hopefully this will continue to be an annual event – please let the school know it’s important to you and your students if you feel strongly about it.

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