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Big Buddy is an organisation matching adult male mentors with fatherless boys. We work with the simple philosophy that boys need good male role models to become good men.

Unfortunately, some boys do not have a father or other male role model present in their lives. Big Buddy finds these boys a well- screened volunteer male mentor, fostering a long-term relationship similar to that of an uncle.

It is as simple as a good man turning up regularly in a boy’s life, going out into the world and doing activities together, being available to listen to him, modelling what it means to be a good man. The boy’s sense of self develops; he will do better at school and be less inclined to crime and abuse. The statistics on positive mentoring are clear and compelling.

Mentors may be available in your area now.

If you are interested in this for your boy, simply contact Martin Hosking – 027 207 8662 or email,

More information and stories are available on our media sites:  and  Facebook 

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