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The Year 9 camp cannot happen without the goodwill of our staff who are willing to give up time with their families for the benefit of our Year 9 students. A huge THANK YOU to the Heads of Houses, PE department and other teachers who accompanied our Year 9 students to camp – being away from your families for two nights is a big ask. Also we appreciate the extra effort that Oliver Thorpe, Pete McIntyre, Selwyn Watford and Anthony Beaumont put into this camp by picking up and dropping off the kayaks and setting up and packing down the marquees, tents etc. Also, our gratitude to the staff at school for taking the relief lessons of the teachers at camp and for helping with packing the vans in the morning and unloading the vans upon return. This massive event cannot take place without the many, many hands that make work light. Thank you too, to the parents for your support of this event.


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