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For the last month, the International Department have been busy with supporting our new international students to get settled into their new life at Western Springs College and in New Zealand, organising events and activities for our students and hosting our overseas agents.  Here are some of the highlights.

O week
Our enthusiastic new international student leaders set up a stand during O week to connect our international students to the local students.  They gave out international food such as sushi, spring rolls and dumplings to the students who visited the stand and answered international related questions correctly.  They attracted a lot of students to their stand.


International agent visit

We invited some overseas agents to attend Western Springs College Familiarisation Tour mid-February.  They were from Chile, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, Swiss, China and Germany.  On their visit to our school, they learned about our new innovative learning environment and the detailed care and support we provide to our students.  They also had a chance to talk to their students and were impressed with how much they had grown up since they had met them in their home countries last time.  The most memorable moment during their visit was having the privilege of attending the opening ceremony of our new school and seeing our prime minister in person.  They also experienced what their students could enjoy in Auckland through sightseeing, harbour sailing and shopping New Zealand souvenirs.

International Assembly

We had our first international assembly in Week 5 at the new school gym, and all of our international students finally got together in one place.  It was nice to catch up with them, but we were still missing 10 of our Chinese students as they were not able to travel to New Zealand because of the entry restrictions into New Zealand.  We recorded a greeting video to send our best wishes to those Chinese students.

Water Sports

We try our best to enrich our students’ New Zealand experience and encourage them to join a variety of activities. They have been enjoying windsurfing and paddle-boarding in the hot summer weather run by Auckland Windsurfing on Pt Chevalier beach on weekends.

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