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Getting Help from the Learning Centre from home

We are happy to set up an appointment with students.
An appointment can be made by contacting one of us via email. It can be made during the school day or for the end of the day – after 1:45 pm. We will set up a google meet for the agreed time. We are also happy to provide you with some written advice instead, if you do not wish to have an actual google meet.

We are also running a Homework Classroom Meet every day from 4-6 pm for anyone who wants to join. It’s a place to hang out with others while you are doing homework, or you can ask for specific help, that you may be able to get then or arrange to get at a different time. Email Trina Sellers to get the link to the Homework Classroom.

To email each of us directly:

Trina can help with English, Social Studies, History, Philosophy and Music.
Simon can help with senior Maths, Year 11 Science, Senior Physics and Chemistry
Helen help with junior Maths, Science (9-11), Senior Biology, English and social studies etc

So don’t stress. Remember to ASK. We are all here to help you.

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