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I bought this little book as a present for a friend just before lockdown started and as I could not pass it on I started texting them a photo of a page or two each day.
Then I thought I would email the author, Anne Cakebread, to ask if I could also share it with staff too during the lockdown; Anne lives in Cymru-Wales.
Anne’s books originally started as a way of promoting the Celtic languages – Welsh, Manx, Cornish, Scottish and Irish Gaelic, (Breton too perhaps) – so she is passionate about growing indigenous languages.  Anne lives in Cymru-Wales.
Anne came back straight away with a lovely email saying it would be a pleasure to share her work to help us through these strange and difficult times and then came back again to say that her publishers (Y Lolfa Cfy) were also happy for our teachers to share the images and phrases with their students. 
Anne has also suggested involving our students in the translation of a similar book around cats that she has been working on.
Thank you so much Anne for this act of lockdown solidarity from Cymru!  Our Finance Officer Howard Blackwell is a Welshi speaker, and says “Diolch yn fawr iawn” is the proper way to thank Anne in Welsh.
Kia kaha
Paul Alford
Deputy Principal”
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