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In term 1, the Travel Wise panel started their first promotion, about walking to school. The goal was to encourage more students to walk/bike etc. to school, we made an exception for students who had to travel by car/bus, as long as they walked a decent distance (around 500m-1km) after getting out of the car or off the bus. As a fun motivational factor, we handed out walking cards to students, where they can get a hole punched for every time that they sustainably travelled to school. The goal for each student was to inherit at least 6 punches in the given two weeks, doing so would have awarded them with house points as well as a chance to win some sport prizes! Unfortunately, due to the compromisation of the lock-down, our event was put to a halt. In the few days that we had, I could see that the students at Springs were very into it and supportive. This was a nice way of rewarding those who sustainably travel to school (as a panel, we try to encourage that). So when things go back to normal, we have hopes to finish this promotion and continue to reward our sustainable travellers here at Springs.

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