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A big welcome back from the Famous (and Fabulous) 5

During Level 3 a handful of our Year 9 students were on site supervised by some of our SLT.  It was an odd feeling for students sitting 2 meters apart with each of them working online with their own core class, but this resilient bunch of 5 were amazing with not a single moan or complaint between them.  To make sure they were not at their desks locked in one position for too long we used the staffroom garden area to move around in and loosened those tight joints by using a balancing board – myself and Mr Davis had a go but we could not tempt Ms Robert to try it!
The consensus view from our five Year 9s about returning to school was “I’m very excited because I get to see my friends and online classes were hard to stay on top of the work”.  They were all very much looking forward to seeing their classmates and teachers in the flesh.
Unfortunately the Pasadena Bakery was still shut last Friday, so instead we celebrated the last day with a round of Magnums and in the afternoon sent our welcome back message to our staff.
Paul Alford
Deputy Principal
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