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I’m Healy Jones and I attended Western Springs from 2010 – 2015. Since then I have
graduated from Victoria University, in Wellington, with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in
philosophy and sociology, minoring in political science and education. After graduating, I
decided I wanted to further my studies and began a Master of Education. I’m currently in
the final year of Masters, this involves writing a thesis — which is an evaluation of
sustainable practice in regard to Restorative Justice within New Zealand secondary schools.

My greatest achievement, so far, was being awarded the Victoria University Masters
scholarship for 2020. I felt as though my hard work throughout my undergraduate had
finally paid off, and I could work on something I was truly passionate about.

I’m lucky enough to have a number of great influences, but ultimately, my greatest has been
my parents. My parents have always been my biggest supporters, they have taught me live
my life doing the things I enjoy and do them with passion and courage.

My greatest inspiration is my late Grandfather who instilled in me a passion for fairness and
a life-long love of learning. He tirelessly stood up for what he believed in and championed
his beliefs when he could.

My working style is organised and driven. There is no way I am completing any piece of work
without planning out what I need to do and tidying my desk.

I like, to name a few… peanut butter, duck island ice-cream, clean-sheets, a beach day, and my dog
Pipi.  I dislike cold days, grey skies and soup.

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