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Have you visited your ‘old school’ yet, to see how it has changed? If you haven’t please accept
this as an invitation to pop in and marvel at the change we have made. I will be happy to show
you around our “school like no other”. All it has taken is the careful application of $96
million…and some real skill from our architects and builders. Check out the photos
accompanying this piece to see what I mean. I think you will agree – Springs now looks much
more like a University than a school.

As you can imagine our roll has grown too – over 1700 students this year and by 2023 (just two
and a half short years away) we are predicted to be over 2,100 and by year 2030 there will be
2700 students here. So, some serious work is going into the planning of stage 2. This will
extend the main 3 storey teaching block southwards toward the old S Block, which is now our
beautiful new music block – whare puoro. Stage 2 will also double the size of the Rumaki to
accommodate a planned roll of 600 there.

Coupled with the building project has been our community fundraising push for solar panels to
mount on the roof of the new gym to generate electricity reducing the running costs of the
building management system and contributing electricity to the national grid when the school is
closed over the long summer holiday period. We have had 136 panels donated to date. All donations
will be recorded on a thankyou plaque/wall panel – so if you would like to contribute to your
old school in a lasting way and in a sustainable way, what better way than to buy a panel.

Enjoy this Alumni Newsletter,
Ivan Davis


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