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Here at Springs we are proud of our non-uniform policy.  Students value the sense of freedom from conformity that it gives them, and our parents and staff frequently comment on the ‘campus feel’ of this place.  We are one of the few secondary schools in New Zealand that has successfully maintained such a policy – one that is much more common overseas than here.

Our prospectus celebrates the fact that we have no formal uniform as part of an educational philosophy aimed at developing “sensible attitudes towards matters of dress and appearance.”  It is noted that dress should be neat and appropriate for all school related occasions.

As we cope with summer heat it is timely to remind students that school is a workplace and that they should dress appropriately for a workplace.  School is not the beach!  We want to remind students and parents about clothing that is suitable for the classroom.  We ask students and parents to help us in maintaining what is now an almost unique non-uniform policy by dressing appropriately.

When staff feel that it is necessary to intervene in matters of dress they will do so discreetly and address the matter in the context of clothing that is not appropriate for school.  Parents will also be contacted if dress standards are repeatedly breached.

From our Prospectus

Western Springs College has no formal uniform.  The development of sensible attitudes towards matters of dress and appearance is seen as part of the education process here at Springs.

Dress should be neat and appropriate for all school related occasions.  It is not acceptable to wear clothing that is immodest or has offensive messages.  When considering questions regarding acceptability of dress, the College’s decision will be final.  Parent and caregiver support is expected and appreciated.

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