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Eva Fuemana explores important concepts through art

Eva Fuemana works mostly with mix media painting and embroidery fine arts as well actively
working in street art, creating pieces for communities all over Auckland. Her work explores the
prejudice v. reality that is embedded in the lives of poc (people of colour). Her mixed Niuean heritage inspires her to
make content guided towards both traditional and modern Polynesian culture. She often creates
work combining organic matter and industrial pieces paired with vibrant colours to emulate
metaphors and juxtapositions that help bring her experiences to life.

Her work has been exhibited in The Asteron Centre, Wellington (2017&2018), St Paul Street
Gallery Two, The Upstairs Art Gallery, All Goods Art Gallery and Te Uru Contemporary Art Gallery,
with murals throughout Auckland City.

After graduating from WSC, I was lucky enough to leave with a lot of great relationships with other
young artists and creatives like myself. I was able to meet a lot of established artists as well, and
join an incredible artist collective (Fresh One) that helped guide me through the business side of
things and inspire me to explore and continue creating.

In 2019 I was able to exhibit in The Upstairs Art Gallery for their emerging artist awards, That was
definitely the turning point for me that really pushed me toward working with fine arts.
This year I worked hard, and was able to exhibit and sell work at both All Goods Art Gallery and
Te Uru Contemporary Art Gallery alongside my friends at Fresh One. This experience has open so
many doors even allowing me to share my experiences and teach some of my “techniques” at
primary schools and in youth programmes.

These achievements feel very otherworldly, as I remember attending my last field trip at Te Uru
Contemporary Art Gallery with my entire art class. I remember feeling so far from ever exhibiting
there, it was so beautiful and tidy, everything was so fragile. Finding out that I would be able sell
and show my work there felt like a full circle moment for me. these were all things made possible
with the support of my teachers, friends, family and hours of extremely hard work and inhaling
paint fumes.

In the future I’m looking forward to exploring more mediums, working with new people. I am very
excited to continue to put my work out for people to enjoy throughout NZ and Globally as soon as

For commissions and bookings email:

Social Media/s:
Facebook @evamfue
Instagram @evamfue

Eva attended Western Springs College – Ngā Puna o Waiōrea from 2013 – 2018

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