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Solid deodorant (70g), available at Ethique for $20. – Benefits: no baking soda or aluminium, helps keep your underarms smelling fresh rather than stop sweat, compostable packaging, carbon neutral, lasts a good 6 months. 

Floss, available at Healthpost for $7.80 (2×30 mm + refillable glass bottle), at Dirty Hippie for $6.50 (1x30mm + refillable glass bottle). – Benefits: degradable, sustainable, bamboo charcoal floss/100% compostable and vegan corn-based PLA, vegan


Ethique sponsored competition: take part in a competition where you make a leaflet/flyer/poster about what you are planning to do this year to lower your impact as a family. All entries to be dropped off at the school office (hard copies) or emailed to (digital copies) by March 23 (week 8).

Winners, chosen by the WISES leaders, will be announced in our next newsletter.

Best 3 submissions get an Ethique prize each (valued at $60) consisting of: 1x Little Ethique Trial Pack for little ones + 1x Trial Pack – dry skin & hair +1x Trial Pack – sensitive skin & hair    



The Cup Project

FREE Kono making workshop offered by Whaea Annie Jane Ah Mu, a traditional Maori weaver who runs raranga community courses: introduction to harakeke tikanga, harvesting, preparing and weaving a 4-corned kono and taking care of waste.
Saturday, 20th of March – 10am-4pm – Ngā Oho at WSC.

Raranga Wānanga for WSC students FREE of charge, arrive early please, so we are ready to mihi Whaea Annie.
Students to bring their own lunch and drink AND obtain permission (if possible) to be photographed, as we will be taking photos of this wānanga for The Cup Project report and social media.
We are expecting about 12 students. (possibly up to 20 people in total including adults)
Whaea Bella and Hugo Bunce-Williams will organise 1 x craft knife and 4 x clothes pegs for each student as well as scissors shared between groups of 3 x students.
Whaea Annie will bring two of her weaving helpers to assist with teaching.

Each completed kono will become part of a Koha Cup and be offered at one of the participating Grey Lynn cafes.

This is a unique opportunity at WSC to participate in a free of charge wānanga that brings together tikanga Māori and sustainability. Please let Whaea Bella know ASAP if you want to take part.

Discount Codes

NEW discount codes!!! 

Vilo eco friendly sunglasses made of sustainable wood: 15% discount, use code WESTERNSPRINGS (ends October 31 2021).
The Green Collective: 10% discount, use code WESTERNSPRINGS or simply click here and it will be in your cart HERE.

Pop Care Plastic free toothpaste tabs, mouthwash tabs, face wash: 10% discount, use code WESTERNSPRINGS (ends August 31 2021).



Intentionally Sustainable a range of long-lasting, reusable, sustainable, quality items that replace cheap, toxic, disposable items and reduce waste: 15% discount on all products excluding other offers, use code WS-ECOKINGS.

Aku washable cloth menstrual pads: 10% discount on all pads, use code WESTERNSPRINGS10



Oh Natural healthy and sustainable living, eco-friendly products: 10% discount, use code WSC10 (T’s & C’s apply, no expiry date).

Smartass Carbon Zero Certified NZ company making tree-free & plastic free toilet paper, tissues and paper towels: 15% discount, use code westernsmartass (excludes subscription orders, ends March 2022, one code per customer, code needs to be added at checkout, subject to availability), 10% discount on every order for subscriptions.


  • Ethique: 20% discount, use code WESTERNSPRINGS20 (valid for one use per customer, ends May 31 2021. You can also use this link and the discount will automatically be applied at the checkout).
  • Healthpost: free delivery ($5.90), use code WESTERNSPRINGS (ends December 31 2021).
  • Ecowarehouse: 10% discount, use code WSC-10 (ends August 1 2021).
  • Dirty Hippie: 10% discount on first order, use code


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