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Ko ngā pae tawhiti, whaia kia tata. Ko ngā pae tata, whakamaua kia tina.

The potential for tomorrow, depends on what we do today.

It’s official, we have re-established our Student Council; congratulations to all the students on being elected into the student council 2021!

Together with the Learning Leaders (George, Eleanor and Phoenix), Orla and I see this council as an opportunity for creating networks within our kura so we can access your thoughts and ideas about what happens in OUR school. We are excited to work with our new team of passionate leaders who now represent the student body. Essentially, our goals as a team is to make changes that students need so as to enable YOUR voice. But most importantly, we aim to act on the issues that may arise and provide tangible results, because what we do will hopefully benefit not just you, but the students to follow in the coming years.

Mauri ora,
Te Huia Kouratoras
NPoW Student BoT Representative

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