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Last year the Ministry of Education released its Statement of National Education and Learning Priorities. This statement sets out Government’s priorities for education, which include protecting the wellbeing of all learners.  Part of our approach to student well-being is the development of our digital citizenship programme and digital wellbeing practices. 

A key aspect of our approach is to partner with parents & whanāu by collecting your thoughts on digital wellbeing practices at WSC/NPoW. Please complete this survey (devised by Netsafe) to have your say. A student version of this survey is currently being completed by all students during form class. Please remind your students if they haven’t already completed the survey to check their form class Google Classroom for the link.

Our form class digital citizenship programme has begun, with students learning about safe passwords, and how to create them. Students were also reminded of their rights and responsibilities around digital safety. Students were reminded of where they can get support at school, should they feel they are, or have been harmed in some way online. They can contact a trusted adult at school including one of the school counsellors. They could alternatively contact Netsafe by calling toll-free 0508 NETSAFE (0508 638 723) or email or Text ‘Netsafe’ to 4282. 

During the school holidays is a great opportunity for students to undertake some ‘digital house-keeping’ by checking and deleting or labeling emails (the Gmail version of organising emails into folders). Students are expected to check their emails regularly and are encouraged to keep them organised, so as not to become overwhelmed.

WSC/NPoW has partnered with Cyclone computers to bring our community a wide range of suitable devices at affordable prices and with access to extended warranty and repair services. A reminder that you can access information about guidelines on which devices we recommend at this link

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