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Our digital citizenship programme has focussed on digital distraction and the fair use of our wi-fi resources this term. It is expected that students will put their phones in their bags at the start of class and use their devices/laptops for learning, unless the teacher asks them to use two devices or their phone for learning.

There are two reasons this is a school-wide expectation. 

Firstly, our internet is a finite resource which we need to distribute fairly to our students. We expect all of them to be able to engage in digital learning equitably and create meaningful digital products in order to uphold our school value of Fairness/Tautikatanga. 

Secondly, we expect students to be on only one device at a time, and to be using that device appropriately. It is our responsibility to teach them to manage digital distractions. We understand that it is difficult for teenagers, who have been immersed in a digital world for their entire lives, to make this transition and to learn appropriate use of their devices. Our digital citizenship programme is designed to work with the students to learn these valuable skills and is based on research around how best to encourage student agency when using their devices. We also have the support of Netsafe, as a Netsafe school, which provides us with many valuable resources. The consistent message we are giving our students can be seen above.

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