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Principal’s Notes

Senior ‘Derived Grade’ Exams 990 students were involved in this year’s derived grade ‘mock’ exams over 7 days – beginning at 9.00 am with session 1 and session 3 concluding at 5.30 pm to emulate the external exam schedule which…

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Arts News

Skill building, creating, connecting, refining, rehearsing and much more! It has been a busy term here at WSCW in all of the Arts learning spaces. This term has seen many performance  and assessment events for Music, Dance, Drama and Kapa…

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Year 13 Biology trip to Auckland Zoo

Our Year 13 Biology class went to the Auckland Zoo for an educational session on trends in human evolution. The session covered changes from quadruped great apes to biped intelligent apes and covered humans and their ancestors. It was great…

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