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I am Carla Harré, an alumni of Western Springs college. I graduated Springs in 2017 and since then I have graduated from Unitec with a degree in Performing and Screen Arts majoring in
Contemporary Dance.

Post graduation I have spent the majority of my time freelancing as a choreographer and dancer. I started my own collective with Jess Crompton, Jawine Dance co.  Jawline Dance co is an award winning contemporary dance collective based in Auckland. Jess and I have worked with over a dozen people to put on shows and films nationally. We have been lucky enough to make work throughout Covid and kick off our creative careers by taking matters into our own hands. I am super proud of what we have achieved so far.

I absolutely adored my time at Western Springs College, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – best school in NZ. Western Springs nurtured me to grow as a person and as an artist. The values that Springs holds have resonated with me as I move through life. The freedom of self directed learning helped me branch out and create for myself and others. I will always remember Western Springs as a place that encouraged play and work with equal attention. I can thank Yr13 English for my deep critical thinking and Stage Challenge for my ability to lead. I can also thank WSC for introducing me to my closest friends.

Whilst Jawline Dance co has created opportunities for us, it is not easy making dance your main career pathway. I am grateful that the community that I grew up in taught me about perseverance and resilience. In my ideal world I would love for everyone to be able to partake in their passion without having to worry when their paycheck is coming. Let A.I do the admin? In my choreography I am really interested in sharing hints of the human condition and dystopian or horror themes. I believe through watching art and fragments of people we can learn about ourselves and others. I provoke the audience to figure out for themselves what it means to them and in turn realise that deeper personal connection. With all that being said, I also just like allowing the dancers to make kick ass dance moves that look cool.

My main drive is working with movement of any form and I am broadening my kete of practice by studying personal training and group fitness along with movement direction choreography and dancing. With this next step hopefully it will soon mean I can make movement practice my full-time work. I think life includes accepting that what is meant to be will be, but it’s also up to me to make it happen. Let the failures go and look forward to the next triumph. I would love to see more people finding the good in themselves and offering this as a way to move through life. I would love to see more people finding the good in all humans and helping everyone towards a better future.

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