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In an inspiring display of unity and compassion, three exceptional students, Jaime Black, Draco Ciprian, and Oliver Burton, boldly shed their locks in support of “Shave for Cure,” an initiative by Leukaemia and Blood Cancer NZ. Together, they raised over $1600, demonstrating not only financial generosity but also the strength of our school community. With Kyro Thomas-Meleisea (Sports Dept) stepping up as the last-minute barber and Cade Robbins taking on the role of Master of Ceremonies, the event was a resounding success, thanks to the unwavering efforts of our Moana House leaders (Isla Kirkman, Rio Faleafa and Phoenix Davis-Ofanoa). We also extend our gratitude to Faizal of The Barbers Room ( and Vanita of V Studio ( – both of Grey Lynn, despite their absence on the day.

Many students expressed their interest in participating, swept up in the exciting atmosphere, and they are warmly welcomed to register for the 2024 event, embodying our school’s inclusive spirit. This simple act of head-shaving transformed into a powerful symbol of solidarity and empathy, reminding us of the strength within our community. Jaime, Draco, and Oliver’s selflessness kindled hope that will continue to shine brightly in our hearts and in the fight against Leukaemia and Blood Cancer. Moana Heads of House – Tom Cloonan, Manu Nagarajan & Sophie Rodie.

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