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Over 6-weeks in Term 3, 15 students participated in an introduction to personal home yoga practice. Each week the group went through a different aspect of practice. And everybody learnt how to use their breath as a means to calm the mind, ground, and feel their connection to the natural world. It was awesome!

Here are some words from students who took part:
I feel better after the course. Everything just feels a bit more colorful and brighter and I get the feeling that no matter what would happen for the rest of that day, it would not make me anxious or angry. I get this deep feeling of relaxation and inner calmness.

I felt like I was ready to sleep for an eternity after because I was so calm and connected to the earth.

I feel more lightweight, less thoughts of overthinking, and finding myself thoroughly enjoying the rest of the day.

I also like knowing I can bring the new skills home with me for the holidays and before exams.

Knowing how to do the breath and the yoga movements makes me feel like I can do it anytime, anywhere when I need to.

If you are interested in learning more or to express interest in the next course e-mail Andrew (School Librarian):

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