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A huge CONGRATULATIONS to our WSC Mixed Junior Water Polo team that won Gold medals at the North Island Secondary School (NISS) Year 9 & 10 Cup (23rd-26th November 2023) – an annual event that is open to all Year 9 & 10 school teams on the North Island of New Zealand.

The team won their last game 6-4, at half time it was 3-2 to WSC – so it was a close fight most of the way!

Ben Watkinson (i.e. Team Coach & our WSC 2023 Y13 Sports Coordinator) did an amazing job keeping the team calm and focussed – he has really developed over the last 2 years as a coach and he did an amazing job.

Reilly Erikson received the Most Valuable Goalie award and Cooper Searle received the Most Valuable Player award, both of which were awesome and well deserved!

The team has one more College Sport game on Sunday 3rd December, and if they win that game, the team will have gone undefeated the whole season and will also win the Central East division in B grade. BEST OF LUCK!!

Thanks also to Linda Raynes for the report & the photos.

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