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Library News

Term 1 has been busy in the library with over one hundred new books hitting the shelves, including comics, manga, novels, short fiction and non-fiction books on art, sport, and music. Highlights include a box set of One Piece, Nigel Slater’s award winning biography Toast, and all the latest new release YA fic from Dorothy Butler Books, such as That’s Not My Name by Megan Lally.

Cathryn Redgwell is our new Library Assistant and brings wonderful skills in English, literacy and personal recommendations for teens. Welcome Cathryn!

Book Club is off to a great start with over 20 book worms meeting Thursday at lunch. Each week a different literary topic is discussed. If you are interested to join swing by the library and chat.

Andrew has been busy running class visits. Our literacy strategy is built upon a combination of reading aloud to students and recommending books. By visiting classes and reading aloud students get exposed to story and language in a relaxed way. When we are read to, language simply washes over our minds and becomes a natural part of our life.

We also have a full suite of library monitors on board this year. Our young librarians are learning the trade of cataloguing books, organising the shelves, creating cool displays, and more. Thank you Library Monitors!

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