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The first picture was taken in Wanaka, at sunset. The sunlight was beautiful. Yisu used a short exposure of 1 second to get the flowing effect of the water.

This below photo was taken at Waiheke Island at 9 pm on May 11th. This was a rare chance to see the aurora. Due to the latitude, the aurora showed as a large area of red, and there were many light pillars, moving rapidly. It’s hard to express in words the feeling of seeing this occur in nature. For this trip, Yisu specifically chose Waiheke Island, which has lower light pollution than in the city centre, and it didn’t disappoint. This was the most intense aurora that has occurred in the past twenty years. Yisu says “I was very happy and honored to see the aurora in the Southern hemisphere”

Thank again to Yisu’s teacher, Kate Lange, for bringing these stunning photo to us to share with our WSCW community!

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