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Our 2023 Dux Arushi Gupta won 5 scholarships in the subjects of Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, History and Technology. Arushi was a student among the Top Scholar awardees at Parliament in May this year, and received $5,000 per year for three years at University – a $15,000 prize!! This outstanding achievement was a ‘first’ for Springs/Waiōrea.

So what is Arushi up to this year… she is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering (honours) and Bachelor of Science (Physics) conjoint at the University of Auckland.

Arushi says, these programmes have been both challenging and rewarding, pushing me to learn quickly about new and interesting concepts, which I greatly enjoy. STEM has always been my passion since childhood, so studying engineering and physics has been my long-held dream. Although the field is quite male-dominated, I hope to see more girls take engineering in the future years. This year, I was awarded the Top Achievers scholarship from the University of Auckland, which included the chance to live in their resident halls. This has been a unique and exciting experience so far. It has also provided me with a good study environment, further enhancing my transition from school to university. Looking ahead, I aspire to work in software engineering and use the skills and knowledge I gain during my degrees.

Reflecting on my achievements last year, I am immensely grateful for the support from my teachers, family and friends. Taking on scholarships in all my STEM subjects was an interesting challenge as it not only allowed me to explore intriguing new topics outside the main course we were taught but also allowed me time to work on my own technology project. Furthermore, taking on the history scholarship gave me a taste of something different. Despite the demanding workload and the stress due to ten exams, Springs provided unwavering support. The strong foundation from school enabled me to achieve these scholarships and the Dux Award. I am excited to see what the future holds and eager to continue exploring new concepts and pursuing my ambitions with similar dedication.

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