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I love New Zealand green and clean environment. Western Springs College is different from other schools. Here we don’t wear uniforms. Teachers are very nice. Although they didn’t force you to work hard, they always encourage students to do well. I like Environmental Science and Music very much

The best things about Western Springs College are the sporting and drama opportunities. I am in the Lacrosse and Hockey teams. Each morning I get to relax in my form class before starting classes. This year I can study drama as one of my school subjects. In Soft Material Technology I have learnt to sew and create my own clothes, t-shirts, blanket and bags. I particularly like Māori culture and have learnt the haka and poi.

Students and staff at Western Springs College are friendly and helpful. I love that there is no school uniform. There are heaps of activities organised for International students (assemblies, sports). In Japan I was interested in Philosophy but could not study it. I am so happy it is one of my subject I am studying. Art is a subject I enjoy doing. What I like about New Zealand is that it is a multi-cultural country and I can learn about different cultures. The beaches are fabulous. I plan to go to university

The highlight of my time at Western Springs College was performing in the International Student’s Rock Band. One of my roles was to help organise the band. It was fun and just so awesome. Of course Music is my favourite subject. I get to play it, create it and arrange it. I get lots of specialised assistance from my music teachers. I enjoy communicating with Kiwi people. I find I am able to relax more in this country. Music is my passion but it’s hard to make a living with it, so I will study English or Education.

While I am at Western Springs College I have the freedom to choose subjects I would not be able to study in Japan. I have had the opportunity to study economics and accounting, which are now my favourite subjects. Next year I will complete my schooling here and then I plan to study business at a university. In New Zealand people are so kind. The country is beautiful. Some say it is not so urban, but I like nature.

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