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The Heads of House, in discussion with teachers, have been deciding on the recipients of the Term 2 Junior Learner Awards, which will be announced in House Assemblies next term.  The Term one awards were presented earlier this term and I want to publicly acknowledge these students again here.

Term 1 Year 9 Junior Learner Award Winners

9AA – Kiran Karaka and Rio Smith

9AE – Connor Green, Lily Hardy and Sangeethaa Rajakulendran

9AT – Dakota Crawford and Nick Mount

9KA – George Davidson-Sims and Joanne Lourens

9KU – Ella Maskell and Elijah Tanner

9MN – Charlotte Bateman and Louis Hickey

9MO – Bailey Hollick and Tomas May

9OA – Jasper Burkhardt, Arihana Siataga-Hesp and Ayziah Wilson

9OR – Geovanni Kimitaunga, Acacia Paoo and Tamati Whitlock

9WE – James Penrice and Harriet Walker

9WU – Wyatt Borthwick De La Croix and Sofia Roger Williams

Term 1 Year 10 Junior Learner Award Winners

10AA – Regan De Beer and Emily Silcock

10AE – Cameron Fisher and Alice Naish

10AT – Tiger Fong-Fitzpatrick and Bethany Wells

10KA – Azure Asa  and Oscar Baker

10KU – Keira Mihaljevich and Ava Swanberg

10MO – Lucky Levi-Mave and Maanika-Luxmi Narsai

10MN – Isabelle Adamson and Krishna Mistry

10OA – Te Huia Kouratoras, Waiuhimaioha Paki and Mokinia Wilson

10OR – Taylah-Jade McIntyre, Torah Paoo, and Hayzle Popata-Henare

10WE – Thomas Oscilowski and Liya Yang Nightingill

10WU – Kayla Nadia and Sean Doubtfire

Over the past few years it has been a real pleasure to see a range of learners acknowledged in these awards which genuinely reflects the full diversity of our school.  We celebrate learners’ progress, their effort, their academic excellence, and their enhancing the learning of others in the class – and value those aspects of learning equally.  Our new part-time Deputy Principal Margaret Robertson has recently taken over the task of organising these awards, and I’m sure it will give her as much pleasure as it has given me.

Paul Alford
Deputy Principal

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