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The International Office had a follow up orientation for our Term 3 new students at the School Hall in Week 4.  We had the International Student Leaders hold a quiz session to make sure these new students were familiar with what is happening at Western Springs College.  We had questions like “I’m feeling sick at school– what do I do?” or “What is a ‘Form Class?”.  The students who answered correctly won a chocolate bar!  After the quiz, we enjoyed a Subway lunch together

Our international students have been enjoying windsurfing on Pt Chevalier beach at the weekends, and they started with Paddle Boarding in mid-August.  The water was freezing cold, but their passion to enjoy the activity was burning hot enough to overcome it.


“My experience has opened a bigger new world for me. And is one of the best experiences in my life.”

Biel Francas is leaving for Spain next week. Biel enjoys his learning and living at Western Springs and New Zealand. He has kept himself busy traveling around Auckland doing what Kiwis do. When being asked about Western Springs College Biel replies: “What I have learned and experienced as a student at the English and Drama classes are what I could never get from my school in Spain. Teachers have made the subject so interesting. The International Student Office organized so many regular activities such as Thursday sports afternoon, weekend windsurfing at the local beach and school cultural festival night. I took the opportunity to travel around New Zealand including Rotorua and the South Island. All the people at my homestay and the whole community are so friendly and make you always feel at home. The landscape is so beautiful in Auckland and New Zealand. Thanks to all who have made my experience the best.”  We wish Biel the very best!!

















When starting an international student journey at Western Springs College, Carlo Panzeri and Edoardo Fanni have also started their New Zealand kiwi volunteer jobs. By now Carlo and Edoardo have served at a couple events at school. In the picture, Carlo and Edoardo are working at the school canteen with Vinny and Zoe to serve the students and staff at the school community. They also joined the Kapa Haka practice night on Wednesday in the School Hall.  The boys enjoyed participating in the cultural event and would like to join again next week.  Well done, Carlo and Edoardo.


Thanks to the daffodil angels who secretly sent the bunch of Daffodils to International Office. The Daffodil Day is also an Appreciation Day.

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