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The Health Centre has had a busy Term 3 with the expected illnesses affecting staff and pupils i.e. colds, strep throats, tonsillitis, gastroenteritis, hayfever and others.

Also the occasional rogue infectious disease – whooping cough and mumps, which you have been notified about via email, with links to Ministry of Health Guidelines.

General guidelines for common symptoms

  1. Diarrhea or vomiting symptoms – stay at home until the student has been symptom free for 24 hours.
  2. Temperatures over 37.5 C – stay at home until temperature is normal 37 C (get thermometer to check – digital or thermal is most convenient).

Term 4 – tips to help us cope and stay healthy

  1. Eat nutritious food and keep convenience food and energy drinks to a minimum.
  2. Get adequate sleep for your age – young adults – 8 hours daily.
  3. Exercise for 30 minutes three times per week – good for body and mind.
  4. Fluids 1 – 1½ litres daily for hydration and body maintenance.
  5. Manage ongoing medical conditions – use prescribed medication as directed
  6. Balance time between school, home, sports, friends and relaxing.
  7. Mindfulness – try it – it develops coping strategies for a positive life.

Have a restful and enjoyable holiday.

Nurse Chris

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