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This year, we welcomed 54 new international students from all over the world.  They had a four day orientation from 29 January to get to know Western Springs College and New Zealand life.  During the orientation programme, we gave them writing homework about “My First Week/Days in New Zealand and at Western Springs College”.  Here are what some of our new students wrote.


Renato Zegpi from Chile

It has been really awesome.  Everything is perfect here.  The weather; people.  Everyone is really nice and seems friendly.  Here in NZ everything is so clean and everyone likes sports.  I am really liking NZ because it is really beautiful.  All that weather and stuff, the forest and geography is very cool and the weather is pretty similar to where I come from.  The homestay family has been really nice and always helping each other.  Everyone is so respectful and that is really nice.  The WSC team has been so nice and well prepared and the first day was great.

Shinhui Lee from South Korea

Western Springs college is a good school.  The school is large and the teachers are kind and good.  Orientation has been a great help to me.  I love Western Springs College.

David Breza from Austria

My first days in Auckland were great.  When I arrived at my “new home”, I was very excited about it.  My family is nice and open minded.  The house I am living in is kind of a big ship’s cabin.  My fist day at school was also a good day.  I was a little bit unsure how the people and students would be, but everything was fine.

Shawn Du from China

When I first came to New Zealand, I felt pretty good.  The sky is blue and the air is fresh.  The Kiwis are kind and my homestay is really nice to me!  They help me a lot!!!  I have made many new friends who come from all over the world.  We can have a pleasant discussion and study together at Western Springs College!  All the staff members I met here were very kind and patient.  I hope my time at WSC will be great.

Francisca Pena from Chile

Western Springs College is a great school.  I have only known it for about two days but I’m really feeling part of it.  I really think this will be such a nice experience and totally worth it.  It really seems difficult to get out of your comfort zone but I think it will help me grow up.  I really don’t have anything bad to say.  Everything has been amazing such as trying new food and new roads to school and knowing Auckland.  Thank you for this opportunity.

New international students visited MOTAT and had a tram ride during the orientation programme.


Last but not least, the International Department is excited to have four enthusiastic new international student leaders on board and they have already helped us a lot during our orientation.  We are excited to share their messages.

Kate Ingold

Hi! My goals as an international leader this year is to make all the international students that attend WSC, be it for 8 weeks or the whole year, feel as welcome and involved as possible! I know how daunting it can be starting at a new school where you know NOBODY so I want to make the transition is as easy as possible for all international students 🙂 I also want to be a friendly face around school that students can talk to about any worries or problems they might be having no matter how big or small! Looking forward to an amazing year!

Lea Schoenhuber

Hey everyone!  My goals as an international leader in 2019 is first of all to make sure everyone is having a great time and feeling welcomed!  I am an international student myself, so I know how it feels to be far away from home and that it can be quite hard sometimes!  I want everyone to have the best time of their lives and to experience as much as possible in New Zealand.

Jack Gong

I would like to help the international students transition into the New Zealand culture by giving advice or providing answers whenever they are stuck.  I am dedicated as an international leader because I want to further my understanding of what it means to lead.

Dony Wang

In 2019, I will try my best to help the international students and I hope for a good result. Have fun every day.

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