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Around school start and finish times we ask that students be extra careful when entering the school grounds and leaving around the ACC car park. It is a highly hazardous area with the amount of cars, buses, bikes and pedestrians that use it.
Please take extra care when dropping off and picking up. Do not park in the drop off zone (beside the school hall) and do not park in the school bus lane (beside Tapac) as the school bus drops off students before school and also needs to pick up students after school at 3.15pm.
If students are driving to school please keep to the 10k speed limit in the car park.
If students are walking or cycling to school please use the crossings and appropriate entry and exit points of the car park. Students are required to wear helmets and hi visability clothing if cycling and should be aware of the general road safety rules.
Parents – If you need to pick up students from school please arrange a pick up area away from the car park exit either on Old Mill Road or Motions Road.

Jessie Bernard
Health & Safety Manager
09 815 6730 x708
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