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The Junior Arts Festival 2019

 Thursday 21st November

Showing: 3.30pm and 5.30pm

TAPAC Theatre and Foyer – Western Springs College

 Students, families, friends and staff are invited to our annual Junior Arts Festival – celebrating the work of junior Dance, Drama, Media, Music and Visual Arts on Thursday 21st November. This year we are again very lucky to have the support of the Parent Action Group who are kindly donating celebratory drinks and nibbles for the occasion. There are two free shows so you won’t miss out – the first is at 3.30pm and second at 5.30pm. Make sure you come along early to view the art, enjoy some nibbles and secure a seat in TAPAC!

Kirsty Britton – Arts Coordinator

Year 13 Students Reflect on their Time in Dance at Springs’

My most memorable moments in 5 years of dance are all the performances we did in TAPAC. I really enjoyed getting to perform my own choreography and others’ on stage

Dance taught me how to work with a range of people

Dance is more than feeling good. It’s a story you tell about yourself to whoever cares enough to watch

Dance built my courage, independence and unity

Dance helped me to understand essay writing

Dance taught me how to interact with others. To not only lead in activities but to be a team member working in groups

I’ve learnt how to express myself more through movement, without being scared. Growing in confidence

Dance taught me how to make friends

I enjoyed the whole of dance. One thing I took away from it was to overcome my fears to break out of my comfort zone 

Dance taught me how to structure dances, and learn how to make motifs, how to vary them, and create interesting dances

I have enjoyed learning different ways to create movement

I have learnt how to create and develop dances from just on little idea

My teacher helped me to perform with others. This class is like my family

I have enjoyed every bit of dance at Springs’ because it was a very ‘family-oriented’ environment

I enjoyed growing closer with the class and making memories e.g. on trips

Performing flamenco

I learnt how to express my ideas and gain knowledge of dance and writing. It is the class I enjoyed and learnt the most.


Back row: Malcolm Williams, Caitlin Harris, Jenson Rahiri, Izrael Whippy
Front row: Chloe Davison, Harriet McCarthy, Rebecca McGraw, Maya Murray, Bella Peddie-Booth, Sam Rawnsley
Absent: Julz Wagner, JJ Tamati

 All the best for the future Year 13s!

Collections, the 2019 Dance Showcase

21 dances, 40 performers, 15 student-choreographed dances, 5 dances choreographed by well-known choreographers – Laurent Dunningham, Bianca Hyslop, Chris Ofanoa and Hannah Tasker-Poland – and hundreds of costumes!!

Collections was a showcase of all the learning in dance this year – communicating ideas, use of motif and variation, making a structured dance, dancing in 12 beats per bar, creating a site-specific solo, use of contact and weight-bearing, focus and performance energy, working with others, designing lighting for dance, and more!

It was such a delight to hear the audience reaction to hearing student compositions at our recent Yr 13 Prizegiving.

In the half hour before the formalities started those seated heard recordings of original music composed by the yr 13 music class. We celebrate and share the work of our performing musicians all the time but sharing compositions was a new venture. I am pleased to say this will now be a regular feature at prize givings.

Congratulations to the composers whose work went public that night.

Pre Event music composed by:

James Dick
Tobias Main
Luke Walkley
Hattie Salmon
Gabrielle Chrisitni

Nganeko Wilson Newman
Roco Moroi Thorn
Cameron Neutze
Gracie-Mae Austin
Finn Maignot
Toby McWilliams
Rhayn Johansson

Juniors do you want to learn to play the trumpet? The flute? The clarinet? The saxophone? The cello? There are places available now for these instruments.

Lessons happen during school time with specialist teachers. Contact Margaret Robertson in the Music Department ASAP. (If you are taking music as a year 10 option you will have first priority for these lessons.)

Margaret Robertson – HOD Music

Congratulations Senior Visual Arts 2019!

Greetings from Rangitoto

At the time of writing it’s week four and time to farewell the Level 3 and scholarship folios on their way down to Wellington.  The senior goodbyes kicked off last week with house assemblies and prize givings, starting with our first ever Art folio display in the new building.  The chance to celebrate the success of ten classes across three fields of Art was a fantastic opportunity as it enabled students and their families to view the range of individual pursuits highlighted in our student-centred programmes. The Wednesday opening also coincided with the Leavers’ activities in KHCL, which further show cased the sense of community and diversity of the new environment. Once again we were supported by the generosity of PAG with their kind donations of drinks and nibbles.

With the seniors now on study leave, we look forward to supporting Y9 & Y10 students working towards the Junior Arts Festival.  This is always a special highlight of the year with Music, Dance, Drama, Visual Art and moving images from Media on display in TAPAC and supported by the amazing kindness of PAG.

Lastly, congratulations to Freya Kemp for receiving the TuiSamoa Cup for top Art Scholar award for her outstanding achievements in Art Painting and Art Design.  Freya has had a productive year – completing two Art scholarships; receiving the Pat Hanly award; the ARA Mason award and creating the cover design for the school magazine.  Freya has obtained provisional entry to the BFA at Elam school of Fine Art (AU) and we wish her well in her future endeavours.

Freya Kemp with Painting and Art Design portfolios & 2019 Yearbook Cover – congratulations Freya and best of luck at Elam!

Ia Manuia         
Lily Laita – HOD Art

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