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1       PURPOSE

To provide some insights from the Quality of Service delivery survey conducted earlier this year.

2       Background

The school has conducted this survey roughly every three years.

This survey was carried out just prior to occupation of the KHCL.

3       Themes

Many of the themes seen in this survey are similar to the themes observed in the previous survey.

Overall comments and ratings are favourable and it is clear that their aspirations are often higher than their experience.

This is summed up with about two thirds of parents/caregivers saying they are extremely or very likely to recommend our school to prospective parents. This is strongest amongst parents/caregivers of senior students, who probably know us better.

3.1     Culture

Comments make it clear that there is wide appreciation of diversity and treating students as individuals at our school. Having no uniform is commented on positively and is seen to encourage individuality among students

We are perceived to be most strong on:

  • Being respectful of Tikanga Māori and Te Tiriti
  • Promoting sensitivity and tolerance amongst all people
  • Artistic and cultural opportunities.

Almost universally (94% of parents rate us 7/10 or higher) we are believed to be respectful of tikanga Māori and the Treaty of Waitangi. Some English medium parents have commented that they would like more opportunities for their students to be involved in Māori culture.

Most parents/caregivers (87% rate us 7/10 or higher) believe that the school promotes sensitivity and tolerance amongst all people involved with school.

Three quarters of people rate the school highly (7/10 or higher) on:

  • Helping in the social and personal development of students, helping them to develop self-respect and have positive feelings about themselves.
  • In the school treating all people in the school fairly.
  • Providing good guidance, counselling and pastoral care.

Comments cite these areas as school strengths.

3.2     Safety

The school is widely perceived as a safe school (85% of people rated us 7/10 or higher). Most people recognise that this is a safe and nurturing environment.  So, we are interested that there are some comments about the school being easy on drugs, because the Board and school management treat any drug-related incidents very seriously. Be assured that this school is absolutely not soft on drugs. There are a few comments about some bullying experiences, which is sad to hear. We encourage parents and students to let us know about these incidents when they happen so that we can help resolve the behaviour.

3.3     Variability in teaching quality

This theme emerged in the last survey and continues to be expressed by parents/caregivers. It is common for them to comment that we have some brilliant teachers and some teachers they are disappointed by.

3.4     Curriculum

The school is widely believed to provide opportunities to take part in artistic and cultural activities – 87% of parents/caregivers rate this 7/10 or higher.

Although we are often talked about as being an “arty school”, it is pleasing to see that three quarters of people rate the school highly (7/10 or higher) on providing opportunities to take part in sport and outdoor activities.

While the range of subjects offered was rated highly (7/10 or more) by most people (80%), we have noted that there is a range of additional subjects that some would like to see offered.  From the comments, we observe some perceptions that the range of subjects is less than other schools.

  • More/other language choice is desired – Spanish (most comments), Japanese, and German.
  • Limited science specialisations, and a perceived dominance of biology, are noted.
  • There are also some clashes and students not being able to pursue their chosen subjects/options.

3.5     Some concerns

Comments in the survey were mostly positive but there are some concerns. We have read and digested every comment, even those mentioned by only one person. We appreciate these opportunities to improve student learning experiences.

This year we have had more teacher-only-days and a longer break between terms two and three to manage the transition from the old school to the new buildings, so it is not surprising that we had some comments about the number of “half-days and teacher-only-days”. This is something we are unlikely to repeat.

Other concerns include:

  • Frustration with cell phone use at school, which is something that has been considered in some depth and will continue to monitor.
  • Concern about equipping students with skills to avoid pornography
  • Lack of a school uniform, albeit less than those who comment on liking having no uniform.

4       From Here

All the comments provided in the survey, have been considered and inform school management.

Most importantly, the school management and the Board of Trustees has recognised that we need to continue to strengthen our focus on improving teacher practice. A Student Achievement Committee has been established and is actively investigating the most effective ways to further improve achievement of all students. Professional Development for teachers will continue to respond to the areas which will most benefit our students.


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