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Student ID Cards

If you have not received your student ID card and you HAVE had a photo taken please come to the office to collect outside of classroom time.

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Principal’s Notes

This Newsletter provides me with the opportunity to thank you, our Springs/Waiōrea community of parents and caregivers for the truly outstanding messages of support you have sent us, both during the lockdown and after, as we have moved into Level…

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Classes are back in action we have news and stories galore coming in! We are very excited to be back at school as we move into the second half of Term 2. Seeing students after 7 weeks has been fantastic…

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Welcoming each other back

To try and make the first days back to school since quarantine a bit nicer, a couple of students from Healthwise and the Peace ambassadors set up a stall with positive messages and wellbeing pamphlets to give out to students…

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