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We are pleased to advise that we have been successful with several matches of fatherless boys to Big Buddy mentors this year in Central Auckland.  Plus we have a number of male volunteers currently being screened, and we wonder if there is a boy at your school who will benefit from being involved with the programme?

Big Buddy matches well-screened male volunteer mentors (Big Buddies) with 7-14 year old boys (Little Buddies), who do not have a father/male role model in their lives.

It is simply a good man turning up each week in a boy’s life (2-3 hours on a weekend), exploring the world together, being available to listen and giving him the experience of an older man who cares, similar to a positive uncle.


If you know of a mother/caregiver who may be interested in this for their boy, we would appreciate you referring them to us. We are happy to have contact and talk through the programme with them.

More information, stories and newsletters can be found on our website,  or our Facebook page,


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