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The commissioning of students to create artwork for the school library began in 2001.  The then HOD History Maggie Mackenzie was retiring (to take on the role of Canteen Manager) and had organised a work by a senior painting student – Janet Lilo, to be gifted to the Library.  

Supported initially by the Head Librarian (the late Jenny Harper) in association with the Art Department – the current collection reflects the high level of value, support and celebration of the visual arts from Pop Art drawing, traditional oil painting, tactile mixed media and computer generated digital manipulations.  A number of these students went on to have careers in the creative industries as Tertiary Art Lecturers, Practising Artists, Designers, Architects and Tattoo Artists.

The 2018 work of Pearl Beesley (commissioned by Library Manager Sharda Patel and nominated by Lily Laita HOD Art) is the latest acquisition and last art work to adorn the Library in the old build (as pictured).   

Works in our library collection.

Student Year Art Work and Description
Pre 1990 Polynesian Voyagers

Large colourful piece showing a double-hulled canoe on the waves.

Anita Narby’s Year 12 art class 1995 The Legend of Meola Reef. Cloth hanging with rope tassels.
Toni Mackinnon’s Year 12 art class 2000 Te Tokoroa (panels)

Large piece made of a collection of images depicting the legend of Meola Reef.

Janet Lilo 2001 Art board purchased by Maggie McKenzie and gifted to the Library.

Expressive figurative painting.

2001 Treaty of Waitangi facsimiles.

Framed copies of the treaty

Tyla Vaeu (Year 13) 2003 Polynesian girl (sister) reading books.

A girl sitting cross-legged reading with pacific flowers predominate in the painting.

Guy Brooks (Year 13) 2003 Read more books. Cartoon artwork – painting
Maddie Watson (Year 13) 2004 Imagining.

A girl balancing on a pile of books with a collection of images above her head – in her imagination.

Amber Panting (Year 13) 2004 Bookcase.

Girl (self portrait) reading at a desk with bookcases in front of her

Mhairi-Claire Fitzpatrick 2008 You are the ghoul of literature.

Writing on a background of images.

Alexander Laurie 2009 Mixed media assemblage reflecting knowledge and memory.
Sophie Blazey 2011 Organic creature as a metaphor for learning and nurturing the roots through reading.
Hugo Christian Slane 2012 Girl (sister) portrayed between a neo-classical dome and transforming into tomorrow’s technology.
Amy Matthews 2013 Figurative portrayal of ex-libris triptych.
Isabel Shore 2014 Digital print of students engaging in reading.
Oscar Perress Furness-Wills 2017 Based on Franz Kafka and quote “ A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us”.
Pearl Beesley 2018 Expression of growth through various stages of life, via knowledge.
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