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Checking external entries:  We encourage all students to check their external entries before the beginning of September using the school portal in the ‘results’ tab. If you have any questions regarding external entries please contact your subject teacher in the…

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Frisbee Tournament

For the first year Springs has produced 3 Ultimate Frisbee Teams and competed in the Auckland Indoor Frisbee Championships with the help of coaches Anthony Hoenie and Brodie Dye. We had an amazing training season of mudslides, nutmegs and shuttle…

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Health Education: Year 9 and 10

JUNIOR SEXUALITY EDUCATION  Year 9 and 10 Health classes will begin their sexuality education in the second half of this term.  Due to the disruption to the learning programme due to the lockdown and the difficulties of catching up with…

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Peace Ambassadors

In term one we raised money for Shine with a cupcake sale, and this time we had a form class competition as well. Congratulations to CTA for being  the ‘best dressed in orange’ form class! Lockdown happened just after the feature…

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